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We personally design security systems for every agricultural size and need. We can keep your investments secure by offering remote control of your property, 24/7 monitoring, video surveillance and more. You’ll receive a test, inspection, repair and a maintenance contract to make sure your property and your assets are safe.

  • Security Systems

    From design to installation, our team will design your property with a custom system to suit your needs. You can’t afford to not secure your livelihood, and our security systems will ensure your assets are protected.

  • Copper & Pump Theft

    Red Wave designs and installs affordable systems that send cellular alerts when a crime is occurring. A thief won’t have the chance to strip copper from your pump, siphon fuel from a tank or take tools from your ranch. These systems are custom designed to fit your application and requirements, and eliminate time and cost of fixing or replacing your property.

  • Live Video Capture

    Our newest wireless video security systems are specifically designed to secure your outdoor assets and remote facilities. We can install a completely wireless motion-based capture system without any type of geographical limit. This allows the flexibility to protect many diverse applications from onsite fuel storage to offsite irrigation pumps. With live video verification the customer gets a priority response from the authorities.

    How it works
    The MotionViewer is equipped with an infrared motion sensor, digital video camera and infrared illuminators to easily capture any criminal activity. Motion activates the camera and sends a 10-second video to the 24/7 monitoring station and site manager. Based on this Instant Witness video, operators may dispatch police to a “crime in progress,” instead of a standard alarm, yielding faster police response times to catch intruders.

    Tamper-proof technology
    The MotionViewer has a completely wireless operation with battery life up to two years ensuring that loss of electricity will not affect the cameras. The alarm signal is sent over cell or LAN networks to the 24/7 Monitoring Station so the signal will go through even if the phone lines are clipped. The camera is built to withstand harsh climates. It can function between -20°F and 140°F, to make sure that crimes are recorded without any geographical limitations.

    Long range capabilities for large properties
    The camera’s motion-sensing capabilities and night illumination range up to 30 feet. The wireless range between the cameras and main panel ranges up to 1000 feet.

  • Facility Automation

    Red Wave can design and install a system for any rancher, from small to complex facilities. The system will allow you to be able to remotely control just about any type of system. From lighting to cameras to the temperature in your office, we can build it.

  • Energy Savings

    Remotely control your thermostat to save energy and money. While you are away, operate your heating or cooling system from any web-enabled device.

  • Fire Alarm and Test/Inspect/Repair Maintenance Contracts

    Our fire alarm systems quickly detect smoke and changes in the environment so you can safely evacuate your staff from the property in the event of an emergency. We offer tests, inspections, repairs and a maintenance contract to make sure you are safe.