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Meet The New DMP 7800 Keypad

There is nothing better than peace of mind, and with our new DMP 7800 series keypad, you can have just that. The graphic touchscreen pad allows you to set an alarm code that must be deactivated upon entrance of your house. Its large buttons allow you to easily arm and disarm different zones of your home. When the keypad is [...]

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Five Reasons Your Farm Needs Live Video Capture

Your farm is your livelihood. Can you afford to lose a tractor, fuel, irrigation pump or other vulnerable and expensive equipment? We didn’t think so. With hundreds of acres, your land could be susceptible to theft. Live video capture can keep it protected. Read these five reasons your farm needs live video capture: Reduces false-alarms and the fines that come [...]

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Take Security into Your Own Hands With Surveillance on Your Mobile Device

Surveillance systems can protect your property while you are away, but sometimes you’d like some reassurance that your office or home is safe. Gain peace of mind with high-quality real-time video surveillance at your fingertips. Our newest technology allows you to view real-time streaming of your cameras with ease from any of your web-enabled devices. View multiple cameras on one [...]

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