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Your farm is your livelihood. Can you afford to lose a tractor, fuel, irrigation pump or other vulnerable and expensive equipment? We didn’t think so. With hundreds of acres, your land could be susceptible to theft. Live video capture can keep it protected.

Read these five reasons your farm needs live video capture:

Reduces false-alarms and the fines that come with them. False alarms happen, but with the 24/7 Monitoring Station, the site manager will be able to see if there is a real risk, or if your neighbor’s furry friend has made his way over to your property.

Use as evidence. Whether making an insurance claim or identifying your stolen property, video capture can help protect you in any disputes.

Creates faster response times by authorities. When the alarm is tripped, a live video feed is sent to a 24/7 monitoring station and site manager. Based on the “Instant Witness,” operators will dispatch police to a crime in progress, yielding a higher priority response from authorities.

Reaches every inch of your acreage. Our newest wireless video security systems can reach even the most remote locations on your farm with long-range motion-sensing and nighttime illumination range up to 30 feet. The cameras are completely wireless with battery life of up to two years, so loss of electricity won’t affect the cameras. The alarm signal is sent over call or LAN networks, so the signal will reach the monitoring station even if the phone lines are clipped.

Increases likelihood of catching the culprit. Not only will the police respond quicker to the live video alarm, but if the criminals aren’t caught in the act, officials will have an accurate description of the thief to track them down.

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