11217639_mMoving into a new house? The perfect time to consider a security system is when moving into a new home. Here are some other tips on how to make the moving process a little safer and easier.

Change the locks. Do this before absolutely anything else. You do not want to stay even one night in your home until you have a new set of locks. You never know how many people have the old key to your house, or what expectation of privacy the previous owners have. We’re not trying to scare you, but it’s an easy thing to do, and definitely worth the piece of mind.

Clean everything. Go out and buy all of the supplies you think you’ll need to clean, and keep them all in an organized place. Windex, magic erasers, and Lysol wipes are all great things to have when cleaning faucets, tubs, and fixtures. Make sure you keep some rubber gloves on hand, since all of those chemicals aren’t so nice to your skin.

Use it as a chance to get organized. When leaving your old house, throw out anything that you didn’t miss while you were living there: all of the dried out ink pens in your junk drawer, and board games with missing pieces. Getting rid of junk will help you to feel refreshed in your new home. Try to keep things organized as you put them on the moving truck. Many things get lost or broken during moves because families try to move out too quickly. There is a lot of benefit to taking your time and having a system while packing.

Sort boxes by the rooms they go into, not what room they came from. You probably have board games in your bedroom and some computer cords in a box under the TV, and Lego pieces in your junk drawer. When boxing things up, not everything is destined to the same place in your new house as it used to reside in your old house. Learn the floor plan and storage space of your new home, and label each box with the room you want those things to go into. It will make unpacking much more systematic, and if you have little ones, they can help you too, without having to ask so many questions!

Come up with a new emergency exit plan, and show all family members where you keep your fire extinguisher. Making sure your children are prepared for an emergency will help you (and them) sleep better. Make sure that you change the batteries on the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and that you put your fire extinguisher in a central area that everyone can find.

The only thing left to do? Have a housewarming party. You’ve gone to all of the work to move into your beautiful new home, so why not celebrate?